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The goal of this website is to provide a service to a teacher, librarian or anyone else who reads books aloud ... but is uncertain about pronouncing Alaska Native names and words in them.  

I'll add books to this collection over time so check back for changes.

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Alaska Native Languages website

Alaska Native Language Center (UAF)

Yungtun Yup'ik language translation (Alaska)

Yungtun Tutorial 

Yup'ik Eskimo Dictionary (2012)

Inupiat Eskimo Dictionary (1970, pdf)

Inupiat Rosetta Stone  North Slope Borough (contact to register)

Sealaska Heritage website

Sealaska Learning Tlingit App GooglePlay

Sealaska Learning Tlingit App iOS

Alaska Native Fonts: download them for your computer

Yukon Territory Native Language Center (Canada)

Anna B. Breuninger

University of Alaska Southeast 

Produced in partial fulfillment for ALST603:

Alaska Literature for Young People

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